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Less acrylamide, same crunchy cracker

Internal and external trials on different crackers have proven Acrylaway to be very effective at reducing levels of acrylamide in the final product.
Substantial reduction in acrylamide
Trials carried out in Novozymes’ bakeries and at the American Institute of Baking (AIB) show that Acrylaway can reduce acrylamide by up to 85% in crackers.
The application of Acrylaway can be optimised to suit individual processes by adjusting parameters such as dosage and holding time.
No change in the taste and appearance of the crackers
Acrylaway specifically removes the amino acid asparagine, other amino acids and sugars remain active to contribute to the Maillard reaction and hence to the flavour and appearance of the final product. Novozymes' trials revealed no variations in dough properties, no changes during baking, and no differences in the taste and appearance of the final product.
Fingerprint of volatile aroma components on crackers has shown that there is no significant difference between the control sample and the sample to which Acrylaway has been added.
Different cracker recipes have been tested with and without Acrylaway. The results below show substantial reductions in acrylamide levels in the final cracker.

Graham cracker baked at AIB
Trials carried out at American Institute of Baking (AIB) showed that Acrylaway reduces the acrylamide level by 85% in graham crackers using a dosage of 290 ppm. Increase in Acrylaway dosage did not result in increased acrylamide reduction.

Fingerprint of volatile aroma components
Using head-space-chromatography, a fingerprint of the volatile aroma components in crackers (produced at Novozymes' bakery) has been analyzed (Simec AG, CH). The fingerprint shows that the same aroma components are present in both the control sample and the sample to which 290 ppm Acrylaway has been added. 
Recommended dosage for applying Acrylaway: Crackers: 60-290 ppm (250-1,000 ASNU/kg flour)
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